WSUM’s Weekly Adds: 5/15

Every Tuesday at WSUM our Music Director, Izzi, chooses her favorite new releases to add to our music library. Here are this week’s favorites, presented to you by WSUM’s Music Journalism Club.

Tijuana Panthers, Pull The Chute 

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Pull the Chute,” “Current Outfit,” “Heaven (Ride My Bike to the Land of Love)”

GENRE: Indie rock, jangle pop, garage rock, power pop

RIYL: The Growlers, Harlem, Royal Headache, Surf Curse

Pull The Chute is the third EP released by the Long Beach garage rock band, Tijuana Panthers. Throughout their career, Tijuana Panthers are not afraid of shifting and mixing up their garage rock inspired sound, from the smoldering garage punk of their 2014 full length, Wayne Interest, to last year’s, Carpet Diem, a record with significant post-punk flair. I think it’s important to mention this because Pull The Chute is once again a new development for the band’s sound, on this EP the band fuses elements of jangle pop and indie pop into their warm surfy direction. The track that resembles this is the EP’s title track which is full of jangly, summery, and energetic sounds. The EP also features a couple cuts that tread familiar waters for the band. For instance, the track, “Current Outfit,” is a bright and propulsive garage rock tune featuring the same overdriven guitars and spunky vocal delivery you could find on any of the band’s previous works. “Heaven (Ride My Bike to the Land of Love)” is a bittersweet power pop song featuring reverb drenched guitars and a distinctly nocturnal vibe. For those in search of very polished and melodic garage rock Pull The Chute should not disappoint.  — M. Jarosinski

Buscabulla, Regresa

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Vámona,” “Nydia,” “Mío”

GENRE: Alternative

RIYL: Crumb, Still Woozy

Buscabulla has done it again, they have created a light, breezy, alternative album for all the indie kids. Back in 2014 I stumbled across their EP, EP I, and fell in love with the easy vocals and sweet melodies. What I admire about Buscabulla is that although they have created a similar album, it is nothing but boring. Each track pulls you in and mesmerizes you. The track “Mío” is one of my favorites, it has a groovy bass line and beautiful vocals. Listening to this album motivated me to go outside and relax. It’s an easy listen but keeps you hooked. I recommend this album to anyone who needs a break, go sit outside in the sun and put on Buscabulla’s new album. It will do the trick. — Izzi Bavis

STRFKR, Future Past Life

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Dear Stranger,” “Never The Same,” “Budapest”

GENRE: Synth Pop, Indie Pop, Dream Pop

RIYL: Foster The People, Tennis, Tame Impala

STRFKR’s new album continues the band’s long run of glistening synth pop adventures. “Dear Stranger” starts the album off strong with catchy bass lines and spacey keys. The two spiral around relaxed vocals and drum grooves to paint a picture as colorful as the cover art. This pattern continues throughout the record, with songs like “Never The Same” and “Budapest” perfecting the formula even further. Future Past Life is another hit to add to the STRFKR discography, good enough to both please longtime fans and draw in new listeners. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of the synth pop genre or is looking for a gateway into it. — Sean Horvath

Choir Boy, Gathering Swans

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “St. Angela Merici,” “Shatter,” “Eat the Frog”

GENRE: Indie Pop, Indie Rock

RIYL: MGMT, Chromatics, Tame Impala

Indie brainchild of singer Adam Klopp, Choir Boy, released their second LP, Gathering Swans. Choir Boy’s sound is dense and melancholic, full of varied instrumentation, punctuated by Klopp’s distinctly angelic voice gliding above it all. Most of the songs are uptempo and energetic on Gathering Swans, but certain slower tracks, like the instrumental “St. Angela Merici” are my favorites. It’s when instrumentation is cut down, and the excellent tones the band creates become more salient, that this album shines. — Ayden Schultz