Two new coronavirus relief funds aid Wisconsin farmers and food banks.

The Wisconsin Farm Support Program and the Food Security Initiative will provide a combined $65 million in aid. Photo: William Garrett, licensed under creative commons.

Author: Sam Buisman

Governor Tony Evers announced two multi-million dollar aid programs to protect Wisconsin agriculture and food security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press release published Wednesday afternoon, the Governor unveiled the Wisconsin Farm Support Program, which will provide a total of $50 million dollars in grants to Wisconsin Farmers struggling under COVID-19. The Governor also debuted the Food Security Initiative, a $15 million program to fund and supply Wisconsin food banks throughout the crisis.

Governor Evers emphasized the intertwined nature of these programs, as together they avail Wisconsin’s most imperiled producers and consumers of food.

“Now, we’re going all in together to support both Wisconsin’s agriculture industry and people in need throughout the state,” wrote the Governor in a press release.

These two programs are structured to encourage cooperation between Wisconsin’s food banks and farmers. A portion of the Food Security Initivie’s $15 million in funds will be available for food banks to purchase or store Wisconsin agricultural projects, in the hopes of fostering partnerships between local farmers and food pantries.

Applications for the Wisconsin Farm Support Program are open through the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. According to the Office of the Governor, payments will arrive at their earliest by June.