Police find “potentially hazardous materials” in Fitchburg apartment, warn public to avoid the area.

Police are urging non-residents to avoid the area around an apartment building on the 2300 block of Chalet Gardens Road. Graphic: Sam Buisman

Author: Sam Buisman

The Fitchburg Police Department urges non-residents to steer clear of a local apartment building after finding “potentially hazardous materials” inside it.

According to a press release from Fitchburg PD, a family member of a resident of an apartment building on Chalet Gardens Road called the Fitchburg Police on Tuesday afternoon to request a wellness check on them.

The officers dispatched to conduct the check took the apartment’s resident into protective custody but then found “several potentially hazardous items” inside the apartment. While Fitchburg Police has not specified what these items were, they prompted the officers to evacuate the other residents of the apartment building and call emergency responders to the scene.

The department is now requesting all non-residents of the apartment building to avoid the surrounding area for the time being.

At press time, the investigation into this incident is still developing, and no other details have been released to the media.

WSUM will continue to follow this story and issue updates as they emerge.