Mayor Rhodes-Conway extends downtown Madison curfew over Monday and Tuesday night.

Mayor Rhodes-Conway extended the curfew as a measure to prevent the violence that shook Madison over the weekend. Photo: Screenshot of the Mayor’s order, public domain.

Author: Sam Buisman

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway extends downtown Madison’s curfew to cover Monday and Tuesday night.

Mayor Rhodes-Conway issued an emergency order Monday evening enacting a curfew and a mandatory closure of businesses in downtown Madison from 9:30 P.M. to 5:00 A.M. on both Monday and Tuesday night. The Mayor issued the order aiming to prevent further eruptions of rioting and looting after such unrest gripped the city Saturday and Sunday night following peaceful protests for George Floyd.

Mayor Rhodes-Conway framed the curfew extension as a way to maintain public safety without quashing the free speech of a cause she expressed sympathy for.

“I want the Black community here in Madison to know that we are grieving with you. That I am angry too,” wrote Mayor Rhodes-Conway in a press release. “George Floyd should be alive today. Tony Robinson should be alive today.”

In the same news release, the Mayor said that she talked with Acting Madison Police Chief Victor Wahl at length regarding “the need for de-escalation and restraint.” Certain city officials and activists have criticized the aggressive policing tactics of Madison law enforcement used to enforce the curfew, with some going as far as to blame the MPD for inciting Sunday’s violence.

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