Marchers persist through rain in fourth day of protests for George Floyd.

Protests proceeded without riots or violence Tuesday night. Photo: Sam Buisman

Author: Sam Buisman

Marchers circling the Capitol persisted through Tuesday night’s storms in a fourth day of peaceful protests for George Floyd.

Over 300 protestors marched around the Capitol Building and through a rainstorm, adding a chant of “the rain won’t stop us” to the usual repertoire of slogans advocating for justice for George Floyd and police reform in Madison. The protestors continued marching until half-past midnight, well past downtown Madison’s 9:00 P.M Tuesday night curfew, enduring whipping winds and heavy rain throughout the evening.

According to the Madison Police Department, no looting or property damage occurred on State Street during or after the protests, and the MPD made no arrests in relation to the event.

As a result, Tuesday night marks the fourth day in a row of peaceful protests for George Floyd and the first reprieve for downtown from the past three days of rioting.

Earlier in the day, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway released a statement imploring an end to the violence on the isthmus and asked protestors to stay home during the evening so that their activism wouldn’t be exploited by criminals.

At press time, the Mayor has not extended the downtown curfew to Wednesday night.