Disconnected: Installment One

Disconnected is a column published bi-weekly by Rob George. Disconnected is a collection of semi stream-of-consciousness poems usually generated from one compelling thought. The rest of the poem is written around this thought, at an attempt to be both surprising but concrete.


Something is jostled

and you look up. 

A bird at your window, black striped with yellow and red on the wings, waiting to be entertained. Being no jester, you draw the blind, 

slats of sun peaking through too thin for the eyes of a bird. 

You imagine it has flown away. 

Feeling reflective, you worry about your position in life. 

As is ordained, this is the daily period of time 

between lunch and an afternoon fixing of goldfish crackers. 

As you consider your current state of being, you notice that you haven’t had an insightful thought in several days. 

You refer to periods of time in your life as streams, and 

you suddenly muse on the observation that 

this stream seems dried up 

These thoughts 

are self reflections 

stained in irony 

I hate therefore I am.