Suspicious package outside Hudson GOP office turns out to be false alarm.

After calling in a bomb squad and evacuating the area, authorities found the package was no threat to public health. Graphic: Sam Buisman

Author: Sam Buisman

A suspicious package left outside the Hudson Republican Party office turned out to be junk after prompting police to evacuate the area.

According to the Hudson Police Department, officers dispatched to the Republican Party Field Office found a military-style ammunition box brimming with wires left outside and deemed it a potential threat. After evacuating the strip mall in which the office is located and calling in a bomb squad, explosive technicians found that the box was filled with miscellaneous objects and was no threat to public safety.

According to the Pioneer Press, police believe that the box was a misplaced delivery package.

Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt published a statement regarding the incident but did so before authorities gave the all-clear.

“We have differences in our views, in our philosophies, and our vision for America,” wrote Hitt, “but violence or threats of violence cannot stand because such actions lead to potential destruction that can’t be overcome.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is asking anyone with additional information on this incident to come forward, and police are reviewing security camera footage as they continue their investigation.