Kenosha businesses will receive financial relief from no-interest loans, Gov. Evers announces.

The Disaster Recovery Microloan was created by the WEDC in 2018 and is accessible to businesses in Wisconsin who are impacted by manmade or natural disaster. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Author: Jessica Gregory

Governor Evers and state Democrats partnered with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) authorizing no-interest loans up to $20,000 to assist damaged Kenosha businesses during their time of recovery. 

The press release says Kenosha businesses can apply for a Disaster Recovery Microloan (DRM) where the funds granted may be used for cleanup, restoration, payroll and operational costs.

Businesses need to contact the Kenosha Area Business Alliance who will administer the loans with the help of the WEDC.

Altogether, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation allocated $1 million dollars to relieve Kenosha businesses through the loan program. 

Wisconsin Senator Robert Wirch commented “This is a clear signal that the state is ready and willing to help our community rebuild and to ensure our small businesses can get back on their feet.”  

State, city and county officials will continue to monitor Kenosha’s evolving need for funding to ensure economic well-being.