Northeastern sets an example dismissing 11 students who broke their COVID-19 protocols.

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    by News director
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    Mon Sep 07 2020
Northeastern's website for reopening safely can be found here. Photo Courtesy of wallyg, Creative Commons.

Author: Jessica Gregory

Northeastern University in Boston expelled 11 students Friday who congregated in a dorm room, violating the COVID-19 social distancing rules they were required to follow. 

The students were a part of a study abroad program, dorming at a hotel nearby the university's main campus, reports Channel 3000. According to Northeastern's Guide to Residential Living, no students or visitors are allowed in student dorm rooms that are not their own.

Before leaving, the 11 dismissed students need to first test negative for the coronavirus. The students then must remove themselves from the university within 24 hours and will not be refunded their tuition fees.

If positive, they will be moved to a wellness facility provided by Northeastern.

In a statement released by Northeastern, students in the study abroad program have been reminded throughout the past week to adhere to covid-19 guidelines or face administrative consequences. 

These 11 students have set an example to many across the nation.