Downtown Madison’s HopCat confirms they permanently closed.

HopCat focused on quality in terms of food, beer and their sustainable practices. Image courtesy of HopCat via Facebook

Author: Cailyn Schiltz

HopCat on Gorham St. announced that they have permanently closed their doors after five years in Madison. 

HopCat asks Madison to please continue to support the local breweries they partnered with, such as New Glarus Brewing Co., Central Waters Brewing Company, Karben4 Brewing, Ale Asylum and Fermentorium. 

During this tumultuous summer, HopCat has been vocal about its support for the Black Lives Matter movement and took every precaution to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HopCat held a special place in customers’ hearts as a hub for friends, a first date spot and a haven for craft beer lovers.

“ I didn’t get down there often, but when I did HopCat was one of my favorite stops,” Dan Graveen said in a Facebook comment. “I’ll really miss those fries knowing I’ll never get to eat here again.” 

HopCat expressed their overwhelming gratitude alongside their closure announcement in a Facebook post today.

“We cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough for the support you have given us the past 5 years,” HopCat’s Facebook post says. “Thank you for welcoming us into Madison with open arms and allowing us to bring you great food and beer, in exchange for the memories we will take with us.”