UW hospital pauses Covid-19 clinical trials with safety data under review.

UW hospital aims to vaccinate 1,600 people over eight weeks. Photo courtesy of the CDC, public domain.

Author: Jessica Gregory

UW Health and UW School of Medicine quickly halted their clinical trials on the new Covid-19 vaccine as directed by pharmaceutical developer AstraZeneca, reports Channel 3000

It has been one week since medical and research professionals began distributing the vaccine in Madison.

The interruption is due to a possible unexpected side effect experienced by a test subject in the United Kingdom. AstraZeneca hasn’t released what exactly the reaction was, but says a standard review is being made to re-examine safety data. 

Clinical trials are commonly paused as a regulatory measure and AstraZeneca is working quickly to keep the trials on track. Statnews reports there are nine other pharmaceutical companies with Covid-19 vaccines in Phase 3.

There is no information on when the UW hospital will continue their vaccine trials. All participants in UW’s vaccine trials have had their appointments cancelled this week.

WSUM will follow this story as developments emerge.