Fitchburg resident displays distasteful Halloween decor, sparks controversy

The display has initiated conversations about race among the Fitchburg community. Photo courtesy of Channel3000_communities, Flickr.

Author: Jessica Gregory

A Fitchburg resident caused controversy due to insensitive lawn Halloween decor. 

The homeowner is known for decorating their lawn every year but crossed a line this year by hanging skeletons in a noose from their trees. After the Fitchburg police spoke with the individual, they removed the offensive decorations as online comments circulated, associating the display with lynching. 

Fitchburg city Alder Joe Maldonado agreed in an interview with Channel 3000 that the display was unacceptable, harmful to nearby residents and those who find a connection to it. 

Neighbor China Miller expressed discomfort from the display, saying it was “heartbreaking”. 

Aaron Richardson, Mayor of Fitchburg, released a statement on Facebook Wednesday discussing the event and the potential harm it could have caused.

“We strongly value the diverse community we serve and recognize the impact this display may have on members of our community, specifically African -American community members,” Richardson wrote.

The Mayor added that the homeowner told the Fitchburg police department that they had no ill intent. The homeowner declined to comment with Channel 3000.