October Talk Blog ~ Storms ~

Here you will find a collection of blog posts that stem from this month’s topic of Storms. Feel free to browse the stories and submit your own at @talk.wsum.wisc.edu. All submissions are 100 words or less!

by Darion Allen, WSUM Talk Director

A Glimpse of Stillness

Storms are so hauntingly beautiful in the sense that they are unpredictable, ravaging through the air and taking initiative. Back at home I would often lose power during a storm, hence I associate storms with the ceremonial lighting of candles and frantic search for batteries to power our flashlights. The storm allowed me to reset via the darkness. What ensued was a complete disconnection from technology, and a new appreciation for life. Honestly, the worst part of a storm was when it finally ended, the power returned, and life continued as if nothing ever happened in the first place. 

– Alexandra Beckman


Yeah, yeah everyone thinks storms are awesome and what not but have you ever been almost struck by lightning? Twice? Didn’t think so. Well I have, it was crazy. Picture this, I was in 2nd grade and as I was stepping out of my car on a picture-perfect torrential down-pouring day, BOOMSHAKALAKA. I was almost fried to a crispy golden brown. Finger Lickin’ Good. The second time I was just chilling in the drizzle, banging on the drum all day when KAZOOIE, lightning behind my posterior region. I darn near jumped on the roof. So yeah storms are pretty cool. 

– Riley Jauch

Feeling in the Air

When I think of storms the first thing that comes to mind is the feeling in the air. Back home in Maine, you can feel a storm coming the morning of. Later in the day, the skies get darker and we know what’s coming next. One of my favorite times in the summer is looking out my back door and watching a storm pass along the water. And most times if the storm ends early enough there will be a rainbow going across the river.

– William Boyd

Why I Love Storms

Swimming in the Ocean, walking with my friends smelling the fall air, bundling up in jackets and scarfs in Winter. Honestly, all these scenarios seem so amazing to me, however, nothing beats the feeling of wrapping myself in a blanket burrito while there is a storm happening outside my window. When there is a storm, I like to open my curtains, light a bunch of candles, dim my lights, and put on a scary movie. For some reason, storms make me feel really comforted. I know that storms comfort other people too which I find interesting because storms cause damage. 

– Jenna Kestan

Tragic Glory

Storms can be a funny thing. They can be the scariest experience or a quite enjoyable one. The crashing of thunder joint by the heavy downfall of rain can leave a little kid hiding under the covers. However, for some these storms represent a light at the end of the tunnel. The skies eventually open up leaving a rainbow for everyone to admire; it’s a glimmer of hope in a time that was once terrifying. There’s two sides to every storm and as one grows up they start to see the more magical side. The side where you are in awe over how this natural effect can just appear, and how it can leave such a beautiful sight.

– Rachelle Levitin

The Thought of Storms

The thought of storms goes beyond the disruptions of our natural environment. I visualize the lightning, rain, snow, wind, and dark purple skies. I also think of the storms that each of us deal with in our lives. Every person has a different storm running through their heads. Whether it is the uncertainty of the future, or the stress of school, I would say these are comparable to temporary storms. This is what is important to note; storms are temporary. The peace will end up returning, and the sensation of calmness will override the turmoil. Go on in peace.

– Mina Stumpfoll

God’s Wrath

During storms, I think God is angry and needs a release. He pounds Earth with heavy rain along with thunder and lightning, each strike helping to rid him of pent-up aggression. As we humans are created in his image, God’s anger can be unpredictable (like ours) and cause unintended harm to our surroundings. Trees are struck by lightning, causing branches to break in minor instances or even take the entire tree down. At the end of the storm, that anger is washed away. We are left with some damage, but the world feels refreshed like after taking a shower.

– Anonymous

Oh…oh no

When I think of storms, I think of the time I drove with my father and counted nineteen crashed cars in three hours. We were headed to a football game. It was supposed to be one of the coldest ever. The snow had swallowed up most of the roads and several cars. It became a game between my father and me, to see who could spot the crashed car first. He won. I’d say he was faster to me. To be honest, though, I just got tired of counting.

– Some Guy

Stormy Nights

I love falling asleep to the sound of falling rain and rolling thunder. On stormy nights I open all the windows in my room and snuggle into my covers with a good book like The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides or I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid. The sudden flashes of lightening and deafening thunderclaps set the perfect mood for reading chilling stories!

– Mary Hegeman

Two Things

When I think of storms, I think of two things. One of which is my dog. His name is Sniffy (keep in mind I named him when I was like 8), and he hides under the bed whenever there is a storm. This is the part when my dad proceeds to sing, “Sniffy loves a rainy night.” I also think of the movie Twister but that’s less cute. 

– Anonymous