Gov. Evers asks for transparency and cooperation from state leaders.

The Wisconsin Legislature indicated last April they were drafting a COVID-19 response plan but have since released nothing. Photo courtesy of Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.

Author: Jessica Gregory

Gov. Evers called upon Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in a letter Monday to meet and coordinate a COVID-19 response plan for Wisconsin. 

Previously, the two Republican officials declined a group meeting with the Governor in June. Largely unresponsive to releasing state-wide COVID-19 mitigation strategies, it has been over 180 days since the Legislature last passed a bill. Evers confronts Fitzgerald and Vos outwardly in his letter for their public opposition to his COVID-19 response plan, addressing their contributions to the strike down of the Safer at Home order.

The federal funds Wisconsin has received to assist the state’s COVID-19 response expire Dec. 31, 2020. Gov. Evers asks Vos and Fitzgerald to support his initiatives to receive additional funding in the new year. 

As the Presidential election nears, Gov. Evers most importantly places pressure on the officials and the state Legislature to be transparent on any intentions to vote down the current public health emergency orders. The Governor calls for members of the Legislature to provide immediate clarity to Wisconsinites.

“I am sure you and your members share my appreciation for ensuring voters across our state are informed and know their legislators’ position on this issue in advance of casting their ballots for their legislators this November,” Evers writes.

The pressure for transparency arises from a Republican senator’s comment to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confessing their plans to end Wisconsin’s public health emergency post-election. Senators are expected to publicly release their stance on the COVID-19 health emergency orders for state residents to access and read prior to reaching the ballot box.

Gov. Evers says that he can accommodate his schedule to meet with both Vos and Fitzgerald, but as COVID-19 rates rapidly surge across the state, he reminds the state leaders that time is of the essence.