Bucky's Tuition Promise commits to largest amount of new badgers.

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    by News director
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    Wed Oct 21 2020
UW-Madison's news release says a total of 923 new undergraduates this year are a part of Bucky's Tuition Promise. Photo courtesy of Sawyer Armstrong, 2020.

Author: Jessica Gregory

UW-Madison announced Wednesday that its program Bucky's Tuition Promise assists the highest number of students yet.

Introduced three years ago, Bucky's Tuition Promise awards exceptional freshman students with 8 consecutive semesters of free tuition and segregated fees. In order to qualify, students' household annual gross income must be $60,000 or less. 

Over 2,500 students are enrolled through the program this year, up 9% from last year. Out of UW-Madison's new freshman and transfer students this fall, one in five students are attending without the heavy cost of tuition through Bucky's Tuition Promise. Only Wisconsin residents are offered this scholarship and over half of those covered by the program are first-generation college students.

The program is not tax-funded but instead paid for through private gifts and institutional resources.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank said Bucky's Tuition Promise alleviates the stress of tuition for incoming freshman students from low to middle income families.

“Given the financial strain imposed by COVID-19 on many households, this commitment to our Wisconsin families is even more important this year and will continue to be crucial in the years ahead,” Blank said.