Night Owl Study Songs

By Alexandra Beckman

If you’re anything like me during this time of unique academic circumstances, you’ll find that sometimes the proper motivation for doing all of your assignments is at the dead of night. 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. provides an ideal time for thinking and studying as the silence of the night makes the world seem as though it is nonexistent, and only you live in this very moment. This playlist keeps your minds and hearts at a stage of maximum creativity and reflection, ultimately keeping your groovy vibes going to successfully complete those never-ending assignments.

“Impossible Weight” by Deep Sea Diver & Sharon Van Etten

Okay, so the title doesn’t seem so promising for keeping up with all those assignments, but trust me, the song itself is totally worth the listen. With the rock guitar elements, occasional upbeat synth chimes and mesmerizing earthy vocals, you’ll find your inner hardworking and rock-appreciating nerd.

“The Trip” by Still Corners

I was first introduced to this song by my high school AP Lit teacher, and it’s one of those songs that I never knew I needed. The psychedelic rock elements remind me of an alternate reality of living in space, but it mostly serves as a source of inspiration especially when I’m writing a lengthy paper.

“Disappear Daily” by Ollie MN

This is one of the more lighthearted songs on this playlist, the gentle guitar strums and beautiful harmonies simply activate that feeling of wanting to get things done. If you take a closer look at the lyrics in comparison to the melody behind them, there is a clear juxtaposition between how you present yourself to others and how you truly feel inside. Certainly one of those songs for deeper analysis, but for studying purposes, the soft upbeat tone serves as yet another source of motivation.

“Bad News” by Aaron Frazer

It was the opening drum solo that really set the tone of this song for me, as it begins relatively slow and gradually gets groovier. This song definitely has more soul and jazz inspiration behind it, mainly in the form of higher-pitched vocals and a funky beat to aid. Although the title of this song is “Bad News,” you can certainly use this song to earn yourself good news through working hard for those fantastic grades.

“For the Sky” by HAERTS & Ed Droste

When I first listened to this song, I felt instantly transported into an angelic heaven of positivity. Nina Fabi’s lead vocals are so full of grace and depth that you can’t help but feel as though you’re looking up at the sky with her. You’re essentially assured that everything will be alright and to use those creative wings of yours to finish those assignments.

“You Live in My Phone” by Someone

This song is the perfect encapsulation of retro pop, aided by flowy vocals and occasional synthetic tones. I must admit that I originally discovered this song while on roughly three hours of sleep, and I find it just as enthralling to listen to when fully awake as I do when I’m barely conscious. Either way, I find this song to have just the right mixture of eccentric tones and tenderly flowing vocals to keep that motivation on full steam ahead.

“Waylaid” by Born Ruffians & Hannah Georgas

Everybody loves a good mix of inspiration from indie and rock elements, which is precisely what is achieved through this song. You can’t help but feel optimistic for the future while listening to this absolute jam, in essence sealing your own fate of completing those assignments and feeling phenomenally proud of yourself.

“Sofia” by Leland Blue

I definitely don’t know who Sofia is, or why she’s the star of this alternative rock track, but nevertheless I appreciate her for inspiring this absolute jam. I have not been able to stop listening to this song, simply due to its intoxicatingly catchy melody and groovy guitar elements. This is definitely one of those songs that makes you dance in your desk chair while trying to memorize every last bit of information for your pesky midterm.