Halloween Talk Blog

Inspired by the popular phrase associated with Halloween, read below to uncover how “Trick or Treat” presents itself in the lives of those at WSUM.

by Darion Allen, WSUM Talk Director

Your Daily Job: The Real Halloween

Every day at work is like trick-or-treating. When kids are trick-or-treating, they demand something they want, candy, or they’ll inflict punishment, throwing toilet paper all over a house. Working at a job follows similar guidelines to trick-or-treating. If you don’t give your boss what he or she wants, good work, then they’ll inflict punishment on you. In other words, you’re fired! It’s like a very lame yet higher stakes version of Halloween every day then. I guess it’s better than having to carry a bucket of candy with you all day at work, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t throw toilet paper over their house!

– Jerome Barnett