November Skies

By Vicky Durachta

With October nearing its end, I decided to make a short playlist of songs for November. Each of these songs evoke a very cozy feeling within me, perfect for the colder weather. I am beyond obsessed with these mellow tracks and find them absolutely perfect for unwinding and lounging. 

“Devil Music” by The Pharcyde

Something about 90’s hip hop makes me feel so warm inside (IDEAL for this cooler weather). The Pharcyde is definitely one of my favorite 90’s hip hop groups. I especially love the beat in the song, very playful and 90’s. 

“Count my blessings” by Anna Wise

I’m absolutely obsessed with this song. Anna Wise’s voice is so soft and is paired so well with Denzel Curry’s. Not to mention the dreamy synths that are repeated throughout the song. Honestly, if I could live on a song, this is definitely on top. I simply feel like I’m floating. 

“Afro Blue” by Robert Glasper

Back again with R&B/soul, one of my top genres. All the beats together compose a mellow tune that I can’t stop thinking about. I feel so at ease with the instrumentation as well as the vocals. Erykah Badu is one of the original female r&b singers, stemming from the late 90’s, and I just love hearing her voice again. 

“Just like my” by HOMESHAKE

I’m simply a sucker for dreamy synths. Every song that captures my attention plays with synths of some sort. The melody of this song produces such a cozy and easy going feeling within me. This is absolutely the perfect song to lounge to on a cozy Sunday afternoon. 

“A View of U” by Machinedrum

This song is relatively new and I just discovered it a couple days ago. It features such rich bass that combines different beats to create the perfect vibe for a mellow hangout. I see myself losing myself in this song late at night with my headphones on. Better yet, the perfect song to blast on some heavy speakers – wow.