Thanksgiving Talk Blog

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, WSUM took a moment to reflect on the ways in which giving thanks manifests itself in our lives. Enjoy our shared experiences of giving and receiving thanks!

by Darion Allen, WSUM Talk Director

How I Almost Got Into The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

In my senior year of high school, I almost became a rock and roll star.  I was taking this class about the history of rock and roll. One of our final assignments was to write an original rock and roll song. I spent a whole day creating my masterpiece titled It’s Called Rock and Roll!. The assignment was then promptly canceled due to time constraints. That didn’t stop me from sharing my stroke of genius with the teacher, who just happened to be in a rock and roll band. He said the lyrics were better than anything he could’ve imagined. He took the lyric sheet, scribbled something on it, and walked me down to a classroom across the hall. Once inside the classroom, he turned to the teacher, his bassist, and told her that he wanted to play my song in front of everybody. He whipped out his guitar, riffed, sang, and he gave those suckers the best show they’d ever seen in their biology class. My teacher said thanks for the opportunity. I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking that if only we had recorded the show, I could’ve gone platinum.

– Almost The Next Beatles