Monthly Archives: December 2020

A Sports Tribute To 2020

Author: Sam Gemini MADISON – Well, as the wildest, weirdest, and by many accounts, the worst year of our lives draws to a close, we can all look towards 2021 with contentment that 2020 is over. While the difficulties faced … Read More >

Badger Basketball: Second and Third Week Review

Author: Zack Cherney MADISON- After the Badgers started off strong with a 3-0 record they went into the last two weeks of non-conference play looking to continue to play strong and keep winning. Record: 3-1 The Badgers’ fourth game of … Read More >

NCAA Football: Conference Championships Preview

Author: Zack Cherney MADISON- This absolutely wild college football season is coming to a close which means it is time for the conference championship games. Some teams are just fighting for bragging rights, but several are fighting for a playoff … Read More >