The CDC extends eviction moratorium.

Since December, 12 million Americans have fallen behind on rent, according to Moody’s Analytics. Image courtesy of Marco Verc via Flickr.

Author: Cailyn Schiltz

Tenants are safe from eviction on the grounds of nonpayment until March 31st, according to The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) originally instituted the order in September of 2020 and extended it this morning. 

“Wisconsin renters should know that they are not automatically entitled to protections under the CDC order,” Lara Sutherlin, Administrator of DATCP’s Division of Trade and Consumer Protection said. “We encourage Wisconsin tenants who are struggling to make rent payments to seek this important relief by submitting their request in writing to their landlord.” 

To utilize this moratorium, all tenants on the lease must sign this declaration form from the CDC and submit it to their landlord.

Although this order protects tenants from nonpayment evictions, tenants can still be evicted for other reasons such as criminal behavior. This order also does not exempt tenants from paying rent or prevent landlords from charging late fees. The Wisconsin DATCP will update their Landlord/Tenant FAQs as more information emerges. 

The CDC order also includes $25 billion in emergency rent assistance funds for local and state government. Renters can apply for and use these funds toward rent and utility costs. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul expressed his support for the extension, and encourages those in need to reach out and take advantage of the resources available. 

“The economic fallout from the pandemic has resulted in housing insecurity for many Wisconsinites. I’m glad the eviction moratorium has been extended. Those who need eviction relief should connect with state and local resources in order to utilize the emergency rental assistance available,” Kaul said.