MJC’s Records of the Week: 2/10

Every week at WSUM, our Music Director, Izzi, chooses her favorite new releases to add to our music library. In turn, WSUM’s Music Journalism Club shares what records they’ve had on repeat. From new releases to classic albums, here’s what the members of MJC have been listening to.

Godly the Ruler, work in progress

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “bull,” “1 million degrees”

GENRE: Trap, glitchcore, trip hop

Over the past week I’ve been constantly listening to work in progress from Madison’s own Godly the Ruler. The newest EP from Godly is a fresh mix of hip hop and maximalist electronic production. The thumping bass and cocky lyrics make the tracks on this release a perfect addition to any self-respecting party playlist (fingers crossed parties can soon return safely). I highly recommend checking out this fantastic EP from one of Madison’s best! I assure you, as soon as it’s safe, I’ll be first in line to cram in a sweaty basement to see Godly live. — Ethan Cook

Poliça, When We Stay Alive

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Driving,” “Blood Moon”

GENRE: Synth pop, alt rock

RIYL: Chairlift, Sharon Van Etten

With the impossibly cold weather of late keeping me indoors, I’ve found a friend in Minneapolis indie electronica band Poliça’s 2020 album When We Stay Alive. The gloomy, inwardly facing effort came about after frontwoman Channy Leaneagh fell off of her roof in early 2018, breaking her back and leaving her effectively bedridden for months after. While the music is brooding and laden with the dark pad synths and pulsing kicks that are indicative of producer Ryan Olson’s sound, the lyrics paint a picture of tenacity and perseverance in the face of a lengthy struggle, a description that could also fit the experience of living through a Wisconsin February. Maybe it’s for this reason I find this album returning to my rotation for the second winter in a row. — Sigra DeWeese

Car Seat Headrest, Teens of Denial

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Fill In The Blank,” “Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales,” “Joe Goes to School.”

GENRE: Rock, alternative

RIYL: Mitski, Angel Olsen, Slow Pulp, Disq

There is nothing like blasting Car Seat Headrest’s Teens of Denial in your over the ear headphones while you walk down East Gorham. Will Toledo, the front person of Car Seat Headrest, takes you on a journey in each track. His voice bordering on screaming and his lyrics hitting maybe too close to home provide the perfect elements to a legendary album. Not only have I been listening to this record on repeat for the past two years, but I’m sure that I am half of the 1.4 million views on Toledo’s Tiny Desk Concert. Every chance I get, I’m obsessing over Car Seat Headrest. My most memorable moment was seeing him and his band play during the summer of 2019 for free at Millenium Park in Chicago. A fantastic evening, a fantastic record. If you are looking for a record to dance and scream to, Teens of Denial fits the bill.— Izzi Bavis