Deborah Kerr and Jill Underly advance in state superintendent race.

Kerr and Underly won the most votes of the seven candidates running for state superintendent. 

Author: Cailyn Schiltz

Two very different candidates for state superintendent will be on the ballot this April: Deborah Kerr, a self-proclaimed Democrat with conservative support, and Jill Underly, the teacher’s union’s endorsement winner. 

According to Channel 3000, Underly earned 27.3% of the popular vote and Kerr won a close 26.5% of votes. 

Deborah Kerr used to serve as the superintendent in Brown Deer. For this state election, she campaigned strongly in favor of school choice programs, such as state vouchers and charter schools.  

Jill Underly is the superintendent of the Pecatonica School District. Underly’s platform focuses on equitable education for all students, such as providing universal access to Pre-K education. She strongly opposes the state voucher system, and believes that money should go to public schools instead.

The two candidates will be on the April 6th ballot. Learn more about how and where to cast your vote at