Calm Tracks to Soothe Your Midterm Madness

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    by Music director
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    Mon Feb 22 2021

By Monique McCormack

As midterm madness envelops us in its gruesome grasp, it is vital that we balance the chaos it brings with some calming habits and tunes. The following songs are sure to help you relax and replenish your energy lost crying on the Honorlock camera. 

“Over Again” by Goldwash, Baird

This song is best visualized as running on a calm beach at sunset. The harp like strums and soothing switches up to a floating falsetto, lifting you away from your stresses.

“Cola” by Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks has an incredible voice for jazz, but “Cola” really showcases her range and ability to layer her voice seamlessly. The poetic lyrics are complemented by the reliable bass pulling the piece together. 

“Is This It” by meija

A far cry from the playful and energetic, “Buttons,” “Is This It” has a reliable background of calm cymbal and guitar alternating between two notes, with notable fadeouts for the chorus, repeating the song's namesake. A pensive song, this is a wonderful accompaniment to a particularly monotonous February afternoon.

“Heat Waves- Stripped Back” by Glass Animals

Although the original “Heat Waves” is an indisputable bop, the more acoustic version allows the listener to focus on the beautiful lyrics, that describe heartbreak brought about by his feelings of incompetence. Yet he cannot deny the intense feelings he has for his partner. 

“Innocent” by Teenage Priest

This echo-ey modern-sounding hymn “Innocent” describes an individual's realization of his identity and the benefit of the doubt bestowed upon him. He realizes that he wants this feeling of innocence always, despite himself. 

“Books” by Caamp

This folk song, characterized by strumming of both guitar and banjo that does not leave much to be desired despite its relatively simple sound. The folk trio Caamp wrote a lovesong of longing that will make you wish that you hadn't ghosted that one person on Valentine's day. 

“R U D Y” by Houston Kendrick

A ballad-like story of the unknown “Rudy,” this song characterizes a boy who is always left behind. His shyness and pure character is painted within the first verse, and immediately the listener feels sympathy, perhaps empathy, for this mystery individual. You'll find yourself absolutely butchering the chorus before you know it. 

“Fight the Vegans” by Willis

I was initially drawn to this song by the fascinating title, and was pleasantly surprised by the soothing deep voice, excellent electric guitar and moving tempo. Although I have yet to discover the significance behind the lyrics, there's something comforting about vague lyrics as one can draw their own meaning from them. 

“Advanced Falconry” by Mutual Benefit

This song has the uncanny ability to instantly transport you to a sunny field or a land far away. It's almost magical sorrow is embodied in violin, harp like strumming of a banjo and a drifty voice. If some sense of longing in you isn't evoked by the chorus, you weren't listening closely enough.

“Clay Pigeons” by Michael Cera

This song HAD to be mentioned…it is best explained by “it sounds like something Michael Cera would write.” Evidently this man of many talent also makes beautifully calming music.