Weekly Adds: 2/23

Every Tuesday at WSUM, our Music Director, Izzi, chooses her favorite new releases to add to our music library. Here are this week’s favorites, presented to you by WSUM’s Music Journalism Club.

Sports, Get a Good Look Part 1

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Call Me Anytime,” “Baby Baby,” “Never Know”

GENRE: Indie rock

RIYL: Glass Animals, Bad Suns, Triathalon 

With funk flavored bass and breathy, reverb heavy vocals, this breezy 20 minute release from Sports, who’s Bandcamp bio describes them as “conjuring pop music spells for ears just like yours,” feels at once swagger-filled and self effacing, retro and futuristic. While many of the lyrics on Get a Good Look are lamentation, one would be hard pressed to refrain from head bobbing along to the heartbreak. — Sigra DeWeese 

Lava La Rue, Butter-Fly 

BUTTER-FLY | Lava La Rue

HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “Magpie,” “Angel” 

GENRE: contemporary R&B, alt-rap, pop 

RIYL: Princess Nokia, Iamdoechii, JGrrey 

Butter-Fly, Lava La Rue’s newest EP, welcomes us into LAVALAND, the fitting nickname given to the dreamy musical landscape created by the London-based artist in her latest release. Primarily driven by R&B and bedroom pop sounds, Butter-Fly is a vibrant collage of experimental tracks that walk the listener through often wistful tales of La Rue’s life. Despite this, La Rue manages to keep the sound of her EP impressively upbeat, featuring electric and disco-esque choruses in tracks “Magpie” and “Angel.” Though much of Butter-Fly is a bittersweet ode to Lava La Rue’s London roots, its message translates across the pond. The closing song, “Lift You Up,” summarizes Butter-Fly perfectly; La Rue sings, “Grew up fast and hard and proud, foster care couldn’t keep me down, this world is for me, it’s my lavatown.” — Celia Cory