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Weekly Adds: 3/23

Every Tuesday at WSUM, our Music Director, Izzi, chooses her favorite new releases to add to our music library. Here are this week’s favorites, presented to you by WSUM’s Music Journalism Club. Ron Gallo, PEACEMEAL HIGHLIGHT TRACKS: “CAN WE … Read More >

The Road Trip with Nightly

By Martha Kowalski One late night when I was working on homework and deliberating the inevitable possibility of an all-nighter, I heard a song on the radio during a new music hour. It would be the first and the last … Read More >

An Ode To Female Drummers

By Molly Phelan I was five years old, obliterating the $50 toy drum set my dad had bought at a garage sale the week before. I knew I had found my preferred method of expression. It wasn’t until middle school … Read More >