Monthly Archives: April 2021

2021 NFL mock draft

Author: Noah Clark  MADISON- Welp, it’s that time of year again. Time for me to predict my picks for this 2021 NFL Draft. The exciting thing about this draft is that it’s going to be difficult to predict this year, … Read More >

Changing basketball’s past

Author: Jared Rosenthal MADISON- Since the beginning of time, humans have been speculating, predicting, assuming, and questioning how if certain events had occurred in their lives (or not occurred), then some things (or everything) about them would be completely different. … Read More >

Storylines of the sprint to the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Author: Sam Gemini MADISON – The Stanley Cup Playoffs are about four weeks away, and the divisional races are heating up. Ordinarily, we would be waist-deep in the first round, but due to the unusual finish to the 2020 season, … Read More >

Recapping the Masters’ return to April

Author: Sam Gemini MADISON– The azaleas were back as the Masters returned to its rightful month of April. Various great players, each surrounded by his own narrative, stepped up to the tee at Tea Olive on Thursday with high hopes. … Read More >