Girls Just Wanna Work Sports: Mini-Podcast Series

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    Tue May 18 2021

As part of WSUM's collaboration with Patricia Hasting's Journalism 457, today will feature the fifth, of nine, mini-podcast series created by the class. Enjoy these mini-podcast series that give a brief look into a variety of topics, with the topic for this series being the realities of women working in the sports industry.

Girls Just Wanna Work Sports

by Kelsey Tehan

Even in the year 2021, the few women who work in sports journalism are unfortunately still subjected to inequality and sexism in this male-dominated profession. More times than not, we fail to learn the stories from the women who experience it first-hand. In the Girls Just Wanna Work Sports podcast, we bring to light the realities of what it takes to be a woman working in this field. Listen along as we hear from three different women as they unpack their experiences and use their voices to ignite change in the industry.


While she may still be in college, Abby Moeckler has had her fair share of experiences working in the sports industry. Being the first female beat writer for the NFL and NCAA football at Rotowire, her perspective of this field of work is nothing short of insightful.


Shannon Malone has worked her way up to being an Assistant Director of Communications in the Big Ten. She combined her passion of playing sports and her creative storytelling side to pursue her career in sports communications. Here she discusses the hardships of not only being a woman working in this field, but also a woman of color.


Working for the NFL is just as big a deal as it sounds. Kassie Dunnihoo discusses how amazing her coworkers have been to her during her time working for them, and also brings to light how sometimes the biggest enemy as a woman working in sports, are the other women working in the field.