More Than Pierogi: Mini-Podcast Series

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    Wed May 19 2021

As part of WSUM's collaboration with Patricia Hasting's Journalism 457, today will feature the sixth, of nine, mini-podcast series created by the class. Enjoy these mini-podcast series that give a brief look into a variety of topics, with the topic for this series being the beautiful culture of Poland!

More Than Pierogi Podcast

by Maya Fidziukiewicz

Most people know Poland for its pierogi, but there is so much more to the culture than the delicious dumplings. Poland is a country with a deep and powerful history, which crafted its culture into one rooted in tradition. Some tales and traditions date back all the way to the day that Poland became a country, and other traditions were modified as the times evolved. What did the Polish do to safeguard their traditions, and how did they evolve based on its past? This show is centered around the Polish culture and hopes to inspire listeners on how they can implement traditions of their Polish ancestors into their celebrations.


The Polish culture has so many intricate traditions that expand past the initial image of pierogi, which are Polish dumplings that made their way into American cuisine. In this podcast, Maya's Babcia talks about the courteous custom of Polish hospitality she remembers from her life in Poland. Join us as she describes all that this tradition entails. Zapraszamy!


Christmas is a special time for Poles around the world. There are so many intricate details that go into preparing the feast of Wigilia, or Christmas Eve. Join us today as Zosia Martinka, the daughter of a Polish immigrant, shares a few of her favorite elements of celebrating a traditional Polish Wigilia.


In addition to pierogi, the Polish language is one of the most identifying aspects of the Polish culture. Polish is spoken by over 40 million people around the world. Knowing and understanding the language helps speakers and Polish people to identify with the Polish culture. Join Maya as she speaks to Stefania Dal Porto, a first-generation Polish-American university student who studies the Polish language and engages with the Polish culture daily. Zapraszamy!