Summer Bucket List: 10 Goals to maximize your summer

by Darion Allen, WSUM Talk Director

Summer 2021 is in full effect! With the blazing sun bringing people out of their homes and looking for fun, here are 10 summer goals that will surely help make this summer one to remember!

1. Entertain your Creative Side

Pretty blue skies and bright green grass are only a couple examples of the beautiful summer palette. Take a break from your schedule and get inspired to express yourself through music, art, poetry, fashion, etc. The possibilities are endless when you truly put your mind to it.

2. Meet a New Friend

The Covid-19 pandemic did a lot in regards to the relationships we all have. Some people gained a plethora of new associates through the online community while some of us may have lost a friend or two through the strain of digital connection. Either way, with restrictions being lifted around the country, now is the perfect time to get out there and make some new, post-Covid friends or rekindle some old relationships! (Trust me, we are all dying for some interpersonal connections.)

3. Conquer a Fear

Summer is a great time to challenge yourself to conquer a fear, or anything at that! Whether it is skydiving to conquer a fear of heights or taking swimming lessons to finally get over that fear of water, take control of your life and show yourself that you can overcome your fears! That will ensure this summer will be one you’ll never forget.

Take control of your life and show yourself that you can overcome your fears!

4. Explore Your City as a Tourist

After living in a city for a few years, it is typical to fall into a routine that takes you to the same parts of town all the time. To see your city in a new light, look up the most popular tourist attractions and take a day or two to explore! By the end of it you will surely appreciate your city in a new way and have some interesting facts to share with friends.

5. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

In the hustle and bustle of summer activities, it is easy to forgot about hydration. Take care of your mind and body this summer by remembering to keep water handy for yourself, your friends, and your pets! The difference between a good time and a great time may just be taking that refreshing sip of cool water on a nice summer’s day.

6. Become a Kid Again

Although being an adult is super fun (bills, taxes, work), it is always a good idea to take some time to bring out your inner child. Whether it’s taking a trip to the park to enjoy the swing sets or going on a field trip to the museum with a few friends, you can experience what it feels like to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures we all loved as kids.

7. Pick Up a New Skill

One of the many benefits of living in today’s time is the accessibility we have to resources that can expand our skillset. Programs through LinkedIn Learning or Google Skillshop make it easy to learn new skills and develop others from the comfort of your home. Come back to your professional setting or classroom with an edge over your peers in the form of a new skill!

8. Find a New Source of Income

This summer, plan for your future as well by identifying a new source of income for your household.

There have never been so many ways to make money as there are now. From vending machines and ATMs to small businesses run from home, there are plenty ways to protect your pockets before summer comes to an end. Do some research and see what the best method is for you!

9. Have a Movie Marathon

When the summer sun forces you inside to find a cooler environment, grab some popcorn and some friends to enjoy a movie marathon. With many films being available through streaming platforms or floating around the internet, a movie marathon is a great way to pass the time and avoid the sun. (Harry Potter is my goto choice!)

10. Spend Some Time Alone (Self Care)

Last but not least, spend some time alone. Self care truly is the best care and with all the free time that is offered during the summer, there is no better time to appreciate yourself and take care of the rockstar you are! And remember, self care looks different for everyone so no matter what it is, make sure YOU are the focus.

11. Listen to WSUM

Listen to WSUM

One extra summer goal that will be sure to make this summer the best ever is tuning in to WSUM 91.7 FM Madison! With a wide variety of programs and an amazing community of DJs, WSUM is always prepared to provide you with quality radio programming!

Comment below to share some of the goals on your summer bucket list 🙂