What to get from WSUM!

This article was created to assist all UW students and community members that are interested in WSUM but not too sure what there is to gain from joining. Read below to learn more about each of WSUM’s departments and the things they do, and to meet our amazing directors.

Written by Darion Allen, WSUM Talk Director


WSUM’s Music department provides on-air music shows, podcasts and website content. WSUM Music hosts use their shows to explore a myriad of genres, themes and types of media. WSUM is a free form station, meaning that our hosts have the freedom to play whatever music they want to. Each Tuesday, the Music Director adds ten new records to our digital library as well as to our physical library. WSUM’s music department is perfect for anyone wanting to discover new (or old) music. 

A note from WSUM’s Music Director, Izzi Bavis

I’m Izzi Bavis, the Music Director here at WSUM. I’ve been involved with the station since 2018 and have met a lot of amazing people here. I’ve hosted a handful of shows (Art Squared, Dust Bunny Vinyl Show, EMMIE Music Hour, Bunny Killer and (of course) Live@WSUM) and led Moth Club and Music Journalism Club. I love WSUM so much and if you have a passion for music, broadcast media, news, sports, podcasts, or just enjoy meeting new people, WSUM is the place for you. 

This Fall, check out Heavy Petting Zoo (Saturday nights with Grandma Cyd) and Bunny Killer (Friday mornings with Izzi and Anne) to get a taste of Music at WSUM!


WSUM’s newsroom focuses on highlighting the top news of the day. News team contributors can pick local, state, national, or international stories to report on during our daily news broadcast, airing at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Our department also has a News Blog. For every story you contribute to the broadcast or News Blog, you receive 1 off-air hour!

A note from WSUM’s News Director, Jess Gregory:

Hi! I’m Jess Gregory and this is my third semester as News Director at WSUM. Before joining the news department, I was a music radio show host. I would love for you to join our news team and report on whatever news is of greatest interest to you! This school year, I especially want to focus on positive stories and events happening in our community. Let’s chat!!

To get an idea of News, tune in to the WSUM Daily News Broadcast hosted by Jess, airing at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The News department is also developing the On Wisconsin News Talk Show so reach out to Jess if interested at news@wsum.wisc.edu.


The WSUM Sports department is focused on giving people interested in sports of any type the opportunity to have a radio show and broadcast Badger athletics. Having a sports talk show is a great chance to get all of your thoughts about current events in sports out. Most importantly, there is the chance to broadcast a variety of sports including Football, Basketball and Volleyball just to name a few. To be a part of the WSUM sports department all you need is a passion for sports and the willingness to dedicate your time to it. 

A note from WSUM’s Sports Director, Zach Cherney

Hello! I am Zack Cherney, the WSUM Sports director. I am a senior and this is my third year with this incredible organization, but just my first as the sports director. I have gotten opportunities that are way beyond what I could have expected in college including working the 2019 Big Ten Championship game. I know I am not alone when I say that WSUM has pushed my passion for sports to a new level.   

This Fall, two shows that highlight the Sports department are The Student Section, led by Noah Clark, and The Buzzer Beater, hosted by myself.


WSUM’s Talk department is a space that highlights the perspectives of UW’s students and provides them with a platform to express themselves freely. With an emphasis on creative freedom, the Talk department is dedicated to providing informative, educating, and entertaining talk programs in the form of on-air talk shows and podcasts. The sky’s the limit as WSUM talk hosts have been known to create content based around a wide variety of topics, from sports and stats, to the environment and climate change. Join the Talk department and broadcast your voice! 

A note from WSUM’s Talk Director, Darion Allen:

Wassup everyone! My name is Darion (D) and I am your WSUM Talk Director for Fall 2021. In addition to being the Talk Director since Fall 2020, I have hosted three on-air talk programs with WSUM and will be hosting my fourth this Fall. I have been a member of WSUM since my first semester at UW and I still consider that to be the best decision I made my freshman year. With that being said, I encourage all of you who are interested in radio programming or are just looking to get involved on campus to consider joining the one and only “Snake on the Lake”. 

For an idea of the talk programming aired through WSUM, check out The Thing Is hosted by Mabel Malhotra and 4 Tha Culture hosted by myself this Fall!