Seven things to do at Pitchfork

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    by Music director
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    Sun Sep 12 2021

By Izzi Bavis

1) Try not to breath in dust

Seriously. It's hard. I'm still coughing up dirt. 

2) Drink the Faye Webster beer. 

It comes in a cute can and it's adorable. Also Faye Webster is super cool and to think she helped make a beer is super cool.

3) Try to not die in the mosh pit. 

Best to avoid any flying elbows, I heard some people got fucked up at the black midi set. 

4) Snag some food before 4PM. 

The lines get crazy around dinner. If you don't get there before you'll be stuck in line for an hour just to find out the stand doesn't have any food.

5) Take a nap in the dirt. 

We all have to take breaks!

6) Run from one stage to the next. 

Why do they have overlapping sets!!! Makes it so hard to see your favorites. Burning question for Sundy: Yves Tumor or Thundercat?

7) Check out the Renegade Craft fair. 

So many cute rings and souvenirs!