Fall Talk Blog: Fall Favorites

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To celebrate the beautiful season that features pumpkin patches, colorful leaves, and fireside stories, I asked WSUM what their favorite thing about Fall is. Read below to learn how WSUM likes to Fall!

– Darion Allen, WSUM Talk Director

Fall on Campus

My favorite thing about fall is the weather. Fall weather means I can begin to wear my large sweaters and jeans without being too warm. Fall weather also means the temperature begins to drop from the usual humid weather of late summer. Fall weather is the perfect chilly temperature without the burden of snow on the ground. I also love that the leaves are beginning to fall at this time of year. The beautiful warm colors are great to look at as I make my way across campus to my next class. It is so relaxing to watch the leaves fall just outside the window of my apartment or classroom, and it makes me wish that the fall weather was all year round. I love fall and the weather that it brings to UW-Madison. 

Saffron Mears

Fall Favorites

Ironically enough, I write this post waxing nostalgic for the crispness of autumn on a day when the temperature peaked in the high 80s. But in that regard, anticipation for the vintage elements of fall has only grown, so that first mid-50s day—complete with scattered leaves and a sliver of sunlight poking through the tin foil sky—will strike quite the chord. There are so many wonderful traditions in October and November, yet they are all rooted in that visceral weather shift. As the days get shorter, nights get longer, and a chill grips the air, it’s easy, and rewarding, to get introspective. On the other hand, It’s hard to directly identify the feeling such a fall experience can evoke. Words on paper certainly do not do it justice, so pause for a moment and access the emotional connection ingrained deeply within your perception of the autumn season. Something magical is tied to the fall climate; hopefully we can reminisce with its return once again.

Cole Bayer

The Perfect Season

The only thing I dislike about all is that winter is approaching- everything else is perfect. I love to be outdoors, and the fall weather is ideal for that. At the beginning of fall, it is still warm enough to swim in the lakes and pretend that summer never ends. The leaves falling on the trees make it a beautiful time to go on walks and bike around Madison. During the later months, the colder weather allows you to wear cute outfits that you would not be able to in the summer like sweaters and jeans, but you can still be outside without instantly freezing. Plus, fall is perfect football weather. Fall feels so transitional, and nothing is stable. It’s exciting and rewarding, yet a little frightening because you never really know what is coming next.

Taylor Heinicke

Hygge is Happy

My favorite thing about Fall is the ambiance that surrounds it. In English we do not have a word to describe this but the Danes have got it down (what don’t the Danes have right?); that word is Hygge. Hygge essentially is a mood of coziness, comfortability, and togetherness and focuses on enjoying the good things in life with good people. When I think of a scene that is “hygge” I think of sitting in my cozy living room chair in chilly October with a warm cup of tea in hand, as I am buried under my favorite thick blanket and watching Sunday football. Oh and the fireplace is definitely on too. As the humid heat of summer makes way for the cool breeze of fall, it is more natural to create cozy moments and embrace the changing seasons which always brings me happiness and enjoyment. 

Emily Busch

Pretty Colors

My favorite thing about fall is the weather. It is perfect for putting together interesting outfits and layering items of clothing. The weather is also a great temperature. You are never sweating too much or freezing in the cold and ice. Another amazing part is seeing the trees shed their multicolored leaves. It makes for a pretty scene. I love seeing the natural beauty at the Vallarta Disc Golf course as I play through.

Jack Abraham

The Coziest

I absolutely adore the comfort and coziness of fall. While the weather might not feel as warm, the cozy feeling in the air feels even warmer. I love all the flavors and traditions of the season–from pumpkin carving to apple picking to hay rides, there is nothing like dressing in your coziest sweater for an evening of cold noses and big smiles. The fall is so rich in activities at school, too! From Homecoming games to Halloweekend, the campus really comes to life. I love the changing leaves and I love anything hot and pumpkin-flavored to warm me up. And not to be completely biased, but my birthday is during fall, so I don’t mind that either!

Bridgette Ugarte

New Beginnings & Nostalgia

My favorite thing about Fall is the sense of transition and nostalgia it brings with it. Nothing signals the closing of one chapter and the beginning of the next quite like the changing of the autumn leaves while everyone settles into a new semester. The realization that summer is over always hits me when I’m walking around campus watching the leaves fall, and it’s that point at which I find myself reminiscing about my greatest summer memories, while also making a commitment to maximize the rest of the time we have before the cold weather sets in. My music taste seems to reflect this nostalgia, with warmly familiar indie and jazz acting as an intermediary between summer’s boisterous festival music and winter’s otherworldly obscurities. How anyone prefers a different season is beyond me!

Lucas LoBreglio

The End Means a New Beginning

My favorite thing about fall has to be the sports. It’s a time of transition for them. On the professional level, baseball is ending, and the postseason is about to begin (one of the best playoffs in existence in my opinion). Plus, when that slight chill begins to hit the air, you know that its football season, and hockey season is right around the corner. Back home, one of my favorite things to do was go watch our high school football team play. Not only was it a big social event for my school, but we were a good team too, always in the mix for a state title. Now I’ve traded in one good football team for another, with an extra 65,000 or so cheering right along with me.

Anthony Winker

Fall Foliage

Pretty Leaves

My absolute favorite thing about fall (other than pumpkin flavored everything) is the leaves changing colors. Wisconsin is one of the best places to watch the leaves change. I grew up in the middle of the woods, so every fall our yard was covered in thousands of red and orange and yellow leaves; I have so many great memories with my family from those times, playing outside in the perfect weather and making leaf piles to jump into. Fall just has an ambiance that none of the other seasons can compare to and I think the leaves changing is the best part of it. 

(On a side note, though, fall also lends itself to so many more fashion opportunities than spring and summer, or even winter; it’s warm enough that you don’t need a jacket, not too wet yet, and cold enough that you can layer up if you want to for a more stylish look. And if you color coordinate your fit to match the leaves, you’re winning.)

Autumn P

Sweater Weather

When the weather starts to get cold and the leaves start to change, there is one thing on my mind: sweaters. When the temperature dips into the 60s for the first time after August, it is a truly joyous occasion for me. One of my personal greatest comforts is putting on one of my warmest and coziest sweaters or sweatshirts, and simply feeling content with life. Now, if you think this is strange or a bit sad, then I am quite honestly disappointed but not necessarily surprised. How can a person derive so much joy from a simple sweater you may ask. There are so many things that cause anxiety and stress that take away from our daily enjoyment but putting on a sweater reduces some of these stressors. Sweaters cannot completely erase all of our problems, but it doesn’t hurt to be wrapped up and cozy.

Halle Braun

How to: fall in love with Fall!

Fall is the superior season because of the spirit it brings. The weather gets colder, and people break out their comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks. The leaves change into the most beautiful colors. And the fall smells! Pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg: it’s just so cozy and inviting. Most people dislike the cold, especially people that aren’t from Wisconsin, but I think the bite of the wind is refreshing. Add a hot chocolate or coffee, and there’s no feeling like it. But if you aren’t convinced, here’s how to fall in love with Fall: embrace it. Yes, it’s not as warm as it was a few weeks ago, but there’s no changing that. Dress for the weather, and you’ll actually find it pretty tolerable. Sample every seasonal food possible (even if you hate pumpkin spice, there are options for you). And if you’ve never seen the leaves change color before, you’re in for a special treat! Just give Fall a chance, and maybe you’ll just Fall in love!

Nikki Nair

Why Wouldn’t You Prefer Fall? 

Fall is amazing. You can go outside and you’re not sweating buckets and you’re not a popsicle, a middle ground even Goldilocks would appreciate. This makes the outfit of the day easy – your favorite pair of jeans and a good t-shirt with a flannel or a jean jacket, maybe a sweatshirt. You can pick up where you left off breaking in the Doc Martens and Converse. Fall spurs a desire for books, blankets, and baked goods with warm apple cider on the side. The leaves are the best part of fall though. The variety of color and warmth gradually begins to envelop your everyday. I get to wake up and look out the window to a tree ablaze like a phoenix. I look down at the sidewalk and see dancing drops of amber surrounding my feet. The rustle of leaves in the wind brings back memories of giant leaf piles that a littler me would hide and play with the dog in. They even leave the air smelling distinctly autumnal. The only thing lost in Fall is the freedom of unmeasured time once school starts. But with this in mind, school brings familiar faces back in town again and gives the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and be inspired by the people around you.

Isabella Prater