MJC Recs

Music Journalism Clubs meets every Monday from 4-5PM. This week we went around and gave various recommendations from albums, to advice.


Phages, The Most Serene Republic

Your Arms Are My Cocoon, Your Arms Are My Cocoon

Red (Taylor’s version), Taylor Swift

Evolving, Neptune’s Core

Public Storage, Hannah Vu

Virginia Creeper, Dirty Bird

We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service, A Tribe Called Quest

An Evening With Silk Sonic, Silk Sonic

Classes to take!


  • Journalism 560 (Prof McGarr) – History of mass communication
  • Journalism 669 (Prof McGarr) – Literary aspects of journalism
  • Journalism 457 (Pat Hastings) – Storytelling through sound
  • Psychology 414 – Cognitive psychology
  • English 455 – Toni Morrison
  • Art History 403 –  Frida to LA


  • Educational Psychology 301
  • Lit trans 249 – love and passion in 19th century french literature 


  • Slavic 223 – Slavic science fiction


  • Kathy Cramer (poli sci)


  • Consumer behavior 


  • First amendment 
  • Anthro 337 – learn about rocks
  • Genetics in the news 133 – pretty good one


  • Lit trans 410 – food cultures of Italy
  • Lit trans 213 – love and sex in Italian comedy


  • Human sexuality (Frankie Frank)


Take a chill pill, stop taking yourself so seriously and have more fun

Embrace the cringe, cringe is good! Do better

Be more annoying about Taylor Swift

Speak up in general (Taylor Swift included)

Be better, do better, overall just vibe


Stop neglecting yourself, if you only hear what you want to hear, you really aren’t listening

Join more clubs