Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single Pringles

It’s that time of the year again. Valentines Day. The temperature is still low, there’s plenty of snow, but no one to snuggle up with. Fret not!  Below, we’ve got you covered with some great Valentine’s Day ideas for all the singles. They’re so good, your tied-down friends may try to steal them.

In solidarity,

Karla Ponce, WSUM Talk Director and Single Expert

What to do on Valentine’s day when you’re single

  1. Take your best single friend out to dinner.

Don’t want to be completely alone this holiday season? That’s fine! Find the nearest platonic mate and dine in at your favorite local restaurant. Not only will you both have a great, platonic, time, but you will prevent a couple from sitting for dinner!

  1. Make fun of couples you see in public.

This is another great activity that can also be done with a friend. Perhaps you can both pull out some lawn chairs, grab a nice beverage, and bond as you 

  1. Have a self-care night.

This one is a bit more wholesome, but consider treating yourself to a night of relaxation and personal care. Take a bath, do a face mask, get yourself some dessert, and wind down to a movie or your favorite TV from the comfort of your own home. Heck, you should even write yourself a love letter.

Pro Tip: You can make this one a surprise by hiding a self-care kit and adding a reminder of where it is on Valentine’s Day. Make yourself feel special and appreciated if no one else will.

  1. Try not to think about it.

If you’re feeling bad about not having someone to spend this holiday with. Consider not thinking about it. It’s easy, free, and you can do it anywhere.

  1. Learn the choreography to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies.

Even Queen Bey was single at one point and she created an entire hit single talking about it. Perhaps you can manifest romantic connection through the power of Bey.

  1. Make a playlist for your crush.

What better way to win over someone’s heart than making them a playlist. Put your heart, soul, and tears into this playlist and send it over to your crush so they can get the message 😉

Pro Tip: Would it be awkward to send to your crush? That’s ok! Think about sending it to your roommate with no context or you can have them guess who your crush is based off the tracks you chose.

  1. Scrapbooking or Collaging.

Celebrate yourself by scrapbooking or collaging. Grab some old magazines, pictures of yourself, and some art supplies so you can start making art. This will give you a chance to celebrate all the beautiful moments you’ve spent alone.

  1. Wine and Chocolate Tasting Night.

This one can also be done with a friend! Consider grabbing a nice and inexpensive bottle of wine and an assortment of different store chocolates and taste test them together. This will give you the experience of luxury and romance without the high expense or emotional exhaustion.

  1. Make music.

Once again, some of the best music came from a dejected heart. Think about taking a seat, making some beats, and maybe you’ll be the next Taylor Swift.

  1. Bake something sweet.

Why have the warm and cozy feeling of a person’s touch when you can have the warmth and coziness that comes from baking. Make a nice batch of your favorite cookies and enjoy them while watching your favorite rom coms.