Local bar holds fundraiser for Ukraine

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    by Camila trimberger-ruiz
  • Post Date
    Sun Mar 20 2022

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the State Street cocktail lounge, City Bar, is offering a drink throughout the month of March to provide relief in Eastern europe.

Baldwin with Ukrainian Honey drink

Both the idea to host the fundraiser and the drink were created by City Bar employee and UW student, Emma Baldwin.  

“I just really felt like it was important to help out because it often feels like we're very disconnected here in America. A lot of my friends who I know, where this isn't necessarily their academic specialty, are kind of treating [the situation] very flippantly,” she said, “And I mean, what better way to bring Wisconsinites together for a good cause than through alcohol.”

Proceeds will go to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, which is hosted by the nonprofit, Global Giving. Baldwin chose the nonprofit through a recommendation from a university professor at the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA).

The “Ukrainian Honey” cocktail costs $6, and contains vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice and honey. So far, over 100 cocktails have been sold, but the fundraiser will continue through March 31st.

By: Camila Trimberger