NBA Over/Unders: Eastern Conference

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    by Sports director
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    Wed Oct 19 2022

By: David Giardino

The NBA season is upon us and Vegas has released its official over/under odds for each team's wins. Here's how I think each Eastern Conference team will fair vs the odds. Check out my other article for Western Conference predictions.

Atlanta Hawks (45.5): Over

I really enjoy the moves Atlanta made in the offseason. I have no idea how the new additions will gel. I think there is a good chance this team goes over because on paper, adding one of the league's top defenders and all-star Dejounte Murray next to Trae Young is the perfect addition. However, neither Murray or Young have never played as the secondary ball handler yet and that makes me nervous. I think this is a good line for the Hawks but I think the rest of the east has gotten too good for Atlanta to pick up 5 more wins than last year.

Boston Celtics (53.5): Under

While I think that the Celtics are a much improved team this year there is too much uncertainty surrounding this team. Ime Udoka emerged as one of the coaches in the league last year, leading the Celtics to the NBA Finals while obtaining the league's top defense in his first season. His year long suspension is sure to stifle a team that had a lot of ups and downs last year, and in a very good eastern conference I cannot in good conscience put them as a 54 win team.

Brooklyn Nets (50.5): Under

This Nets team is good. They just are not a regular season team. The thing that this team has going for them is star power, but aging star power. I don't trust this team to field a roster every game over an 82 game season that wins 50 games. I think it's much more likely that they are stingy with their stars and take their chance in the playoffs. I'm looking for other teams to push for 50 other than the Nets.

Charlotte Hornets (36.5): Under

This Charlotte team is BAD. LaMelo Ball is an amazing talent and will no doubt be an all star again, but the rest of this roster has a lot to be desired. Miles Bridges will be suspended for a significant amount of the season, a player that they were hoping would take the leap into that secondary star role. I don't trust Gordon Hayward or Terry Rozier for anything, I think they're good talents but they won't get you wins. I think that the bottom teams in the east got significantly better and Charlotte might get caught lagging behind.

Chicago Bulls (41.5): Under

I am really not a believer in this Chicago team. They are an aging team that did not get a lot better this offseason. Nikola Vucevic has looked terrible recently, I do not think Demar Derozan will have a better year and Lonzo Ball might not play this year. While I still think Zach LaVine is criminally underrated, the Bulls will take a big step back this year.

Cleveland Cavaliers (47.5): Over

This Cleveland team should probably push 50 wins this year. It is as simple as you add a perennial all-star to a 44 win team that probably should have had more wins last year. Evan Mobley is only getting better, and I think Donovan Mitchell will fit perfectly into what the Cavs are trying to do. This will be a really good regular season team.

Detroit Pistons (29.5): Under

I am not ready to put this Pistons team as a 30 win team. I love what they did this offseason. They had a perfect draft getting Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren and I think Cade Cunningham will be in the running for most improved, but they are not quite there yet I don't think. They are going to need a big year from either Marvin Bagley or god forbid Killian Hayes to hit this number.

Indiana Pacers (23.5): Over

Now I do not think they go over by that much, and I still think that Indiana is the worst team in the East, but they ended last year on a 10 game losing streak and still hit 25 wins. I think Tyrese Haliburton will be in most improved runnings, Benedict Mathurin will be in the rookie of the year race, and Buddy Hield and Myles Turner will get some wins while they are there.

Miami Heat (48.5): Under

Miami is another team that I think takes a step back this year. I really have been rooting for them the last couple of years. I think they have a lot of likable players, but I think what they have is not sustainable. Most of the reason I think they go under this year is because I like the other top teams in the East a lot more than them. I think Boston, Philadelphia and Milwaukee all have a better chance of winning 50 games this upcoming season. This Miami team is meant for the playoffs and I think will be happy getting a top 4 seed. 

Milwaukee Bucks (52.5): Under

Milwaukee has the mindset of a championship team right now. They do not care about the regular season. All they care about is what happens come playoff time. I think they still are a 50 win team, but 53 would have been the one seed last year, and I just don't think Milwaukee cares that much. They are also missing Khris Middleton for the first month of the season and will be careful bringing him back. Milwaukee is my favorite to come out of the East this year. I just don't think they will be the top seed going into the playoffs.

New York Knicks (38.5): Over

The Knicks are such an interesting team because they have a lot of talent on their team but they are not trustworthy. While I think they overpaid for Jalen Brunson, he alone could get them two more wins than last season. I also think this team just underperformed last year and will get back to around .500 this year.

Orlando Magic (26.5): Over

The Magic are one of the more intriguing teams this year. Franz Wagner is coming off an amazing rookie year alongside other young players Wendell Carter and Cole Anthony, add to that #1 overall pick Paolo Banchero and you have a team that is no longer the worst team in the East. I think realistically they win 30 games and are the 13 seed infront of Indiana and Detroit.

Philadelphia 76ers (50.5): Over

I think Philadelphia has a chance to be the 1 seed going into the playoffs this year. Joel Embiid will contend again for MVP, James Harden seems committed to the team, and Tyrese Maxey is coming off a near most improved season and is only getting better. This line and Toronto are the two that I am the most confident in this year. 

Toronto Raptors (45.5): Over

This line is criminally low. Last year the Raptors won 48 games and they only have gotten better. I think they make a move at the deadline to upgrade their center position but Pascal Siakam is coming off a near All-NBA season, Fred VanVleet will be an All-Star, and they have rookie of the year Scottie Barnes, who is only getting better. This is my lock for the year, there is no shot they do not hit this line.

Washington Wizards(35.5): Over

The Wizards won 37 games last year while Bradley Beal missed a lot of time. I think the roster has improved with the addition of Monte Morris and the pick of Johnny Davis, who has a high floor as a rookie. I don't think this team gets to .500 but they will be around there.