WSUM's Unofficial Guide to Halloween Costumes

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    by Music director
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    Mon Oct 31 2022

In this Halloween, us at WSUM want to make sure you feel drippy and become the winner of all your local costume contests. Our fashion committee at the station's Music Journalism Club put together a list of what costumes to do or avoid to impress all your indiehead friends, here's the best ones:

Gerard Way

This Halloween, there's a Gerard Way outfit for everyone. Since My Chemical Romance's reunion tour kicked off in August the band's frontman has donned countless new looks, including a cheerleader uniform, cat ears, and a cartoon-esque ghost costume. Pick your favorite or gather some emo friends and go out as a giant group of Gerard Ways! 

Claire Borgelt 

Katy “Cheeto” Perry

Nothing screams halloween nightmare like Katy Perry dressing as a cheeto.  Not only did she pair reflective orange pants with all red converse and a cheeto suit reminiscent of a foam packing peanut, but the dead look in her eyes really brings the look all together.  Scare the cheese out of someone this Halloween with this fit for the ages.  

Claire Finger


If there's anyone who can provide inspiration for halloween costumes, it's Tyga. No matter the costume, whether he's Ronald McDonald, The Mask, or a vampire, he always puts his whole Tygussy into it. This Halloween, whatever costume you choose, be sure to commit 100% – take a page out of Tyga's book.

Triona Lawrence

Matty Healy

Unsure how far to go with your costume this Halloween? Are you also crunched for time? Here are two opposing, but minimalist costume ideas inspired by The 1975's lead vocalist, Matty Healy, that you'll be able to pull off in under 11 minutes. Just hop in the shower to dampen your hair and finish with a combed middle part, your favorite color of face paint, and all-black clothes to pull off Healy's spooky look from The 1975's “People” music video. All that is required for Healy's alternative look is that one furry jacket from your closet–or fresh off the rack from the nearest Ragstock–and a beverage to cozy up with. Whichever you decide, you can rest assured it will be a huge “thumbs-up” from Healy.

Emma Hamilton

Barry Dillon

“Are you Yung Lean? Are you Yung Lean? No, I'm… Barry Dillon.” This Halloween season, nothing is hotter at WSUM than Drain Gang and their associates. You'll knock out the competition with this outfit, and all need is a red Adidas tracksuit to pull the look off. 

Quentin Holle

Elton John

If you want to pull out all the stops this Halloween, try choosing one of Elton John's iconic and extravagant outfits from the 70s. Whether that be this “crocodile rock” feathered costume, his sequined Dodger stadium outfit, or his puffy white getup from the 1973 Hollywood Bowl! If you have the time, money, and confidence for a costume like this, it could be a fit for the ages. 

Julia Donaldson

Kanye West, 2009 VMAs

Have you ever wondered how you could tank your reputation with all your friends and those who care for you in just one Halloween costume? Well then we've got the look for you this October! It's really quite the simple one too, just grab any pair of blue jeans, a black belt, and a short sleeve black button down, and you'll have about all you need. Just don't forget to grab your bottle of Hennesy and sunglasses on the way out!

Kian Murphey