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Werewolf of Wisconsin

By: Matthew Thompson Art by Creative Director Andrew Inamoto The Beast of Bray Road is Wisconsin’s most famous werewolf. WSUM News reporter Matthew Thompson explores the history of the legend, … Read More >

WSUM Daily Newscast 10/13/2022

Today we hear stories about the man charged with assaulting women on an electric scooter, a Japanese satellite mishap and more.  Hosted by News Director Camila Trimberger, the daily newscast … Read More >

WSUM Daily Newscast 10/12/2022

Today we hear stories about the Sun Prairie teacher facing federal charges for child pornography, the return of a potential rail strike, Alex Jones paying Sandy Hook families, as well … Read More >

Meeting the Madison Minutes

News Director, Camila Trimberger sat down with Hayley Sperling of the Madison Minutes to talk about how the newsletter was founded and how it operates. For more information about the … Read More >