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WSUM Local Spotlights: October 2022

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    Tue Nov 08 2022

By: Claire Borgelt

Every month, WSUM puts together a list of the latest releases from the Madison area and broader state of Wisconsin. Check out what's new in the local scene below!

VomBom, Night of the Bloodsuckers (EP)

Madison's masters of gloomy goth rock took a monster-of-the-week approach to the release of their newest EP, Night of the Bloodsuckers. A new track was revealed every Friday in October, each complete with dark, blood-soaked instrumentals and lyrics channeling classic horror. Relentless flurries of percussion on “Vampire” combine for the perfect opening track. “Beckon Me” emerges as the band's heaviest song yet, propelled by echoing vocals and a creeping guitar line. The entire EP made its appearance to kick off Halloween weekend, featuring an instrumental titular track and a slow, reverberated version of “Beckon Me” as the conclusion to this sinister saga.

Excuse Me, Who Are You?, About That Beer I Owed Ya (EP)

Combining glittering fifth-wave guitar with notoriously spirited live performances, Excuse Me, Who Are You? earned a place among Midwest emo legends even with one track available on streaming services. The long-awaited release of their debut EP About That Beer I Owed Ya has been met with avid support from the DIY community they helped establish in Madison and beyond. “They're Waiting For You Gordon” lets Kyle Kinney's screamo-style vocals shine through, propelled by an outstanding feature from Maxwell Culver, the frontman of up-and-coming post-hardcore supergroup Endswell. “Chicken Cock” features twinkling riffs and a bittersweet chorus. “Urine Luck” is a blur of intricate instrumentals sure to incite a mosh pit at any live venue. A remastered version of “In The Test Chamber,” the band's first release, draws the EP to a close with an expertly placed breakdown and well-loved lyrics that cement it as an anthem of Madison emo.

Alternative Radio, Black Sheep (Single)

Milwaukee-based rock outfit Alternative Radio tackles themes of individuality and distinct identity on “Black Sheep,” their newest release. Two versions of the song have been released, both mixed by different producers. The twin singles, made available on October 21st, are currently locked in a “battle of the mixes,” with the version that receives the most streams and playlist additions set to become the winner. No matter which variation you prefer, crisp percussion and classic rock sensibilities make this song a hit.

FTBK, Keylime, 35mil, Coochie (Single)

FTBK and Keylime team up against false confidence on “Coochie,” letting clever lyrics and a bouncing flow tell the story of a mutual friend with a wardrobe full of flashy clothes but no skill when it comes to impressing women. The premise of the song may be rooted in joking scorn, but its crisp rhyme scheme and catchy chorus are dead serious.

Lunar Moth, In the Mourning (EP)

Lunar Moth combines doom, garage and psych on In the Mourning, a testament to smooth vocals from frontwoman Amber Fasula and a knack for grunge-y, warm instrumentals. “Flower Blood Moon” takes on a dark guitar track and pounding drums, “Sunshine Veins” features strolling strings and culminates in a gorgeous instrumental breakdown. “Love Me Forever” tells of desperate devotion amid reverb and captivating tempo changes. The titular track serves as a memorable conclusion, allowing Fasula's emotive, clear voice to take center stage.

Fellow Kinsman, Where Were You (Album)

Emerging as the sophomore album from Milwaukee-based multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsman, Where Were You blends swinging surf rock with alternative influence. “Buy Sell Trade” opens on easy percussion and a bass-driven breakdown, “Surprise Party” highlights sharp guitar riffs. “Bad Luck” channels vintage melodrama with warbling instrumentals. Kinsman's soaring voice creates cohesion throughout this brilliantly multi-faceted collection.

The Stinkeyes, Splatterbrain (EP)

Hailing from Fox Valley, Milwaukee, self-described “skunk punks” The Stinkeyes deliver a mosh-pit inducing blend of garage rock and classic punk on Splatterbrain. “Headcleaner” begins with racing guitar and “Care Asthmatic” builds up bold lyrics with a grunge-y, expansive instrumental track.