REVIEW: Fitz and the Tantrums at the Sylvee

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    by Station manager
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    Tue Feb 14 2023

By: Abbey Handel

Audience members light up the Sylvee during, “I Just Wanna Shine”

Fitz and Tantrums got to experience the sub-zero temperatures of Madison, WI on February 3rd when the Los Angeles band played at the Sylvee. 

Despite the chilly weather, over one thousand people showed up to celebrate over 15 years of indie pop, packing the venue with excited fans. Around 9pm, the lead singer, Fitz, opened with “Sway”, and the room immediately swelled with a vibrant energy. He was wearing a sports jersey and sweatpants in the style of MC Hammer, looking like he had just rolled out of bed. This was surprising considering performers generally wear something sharp or extravagant. 

Fitz and his bandmates were constantly engaging with the audience. So much so that I'm convinced he made direct eye contact with half of the people in the room. His charismatic facial expressions and dance moves were captivating. The people in the room were clapping along to the beat and participating in synchronized hand sways. During, “I Just Wanna Shine,” the audience turned on their phone flashlights, creating quite the immersive experience. 

Fitz then took a moment to thank the audience, especially those who have been with them from the start. He explained his musical journey, revealing that he was an unsuccessful musician well into his 30s and his father insisted he get a real job and to give up on his dreams. The audience responded by booing at the idea of Fitz giving up music. The story was incredibly endearing as he explained how he never gave up, and went on to write his first hit in his 40s. He continued to thank  his fans, saying he would not be here today if it wasn't for them. That's when the 2013 song “Out of my League”, faded in and the crowd went wild. 

The stage lighting was executed perfectly. Between the flashing lights, spotlights, and lasers, the room was brilliantly lit by an array of colors. Machines produced a light fog in the air, creating a smokey view, which was then backlit by colored lights. Fitz and the Tantrums closed with “HandClap” and the audience roared, singing all the lyrics and dancing. Overall, the performance and venue were excellent, and I would highly recommend that everyone see Fitz and the Tantrums.