SXSW Music Festival: Amany's Day 2 & 3 Recap

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    by Music director
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    Thu Mar 16 2023

By: Amany Khreis

Amany with Mandy, Indiana, photo by Camila

Two more days of SXSW have flown by. I have been incredibly busy: Ubers, tacos, running around in circles and keeping Austin weird. I'm averaging at about 25 thousand steps a day in between hours of standing. Here's what I've been up to in the past couple of days.

1. House Johnson #5 “Goodbye”

Bloomsday, photo by Amany
Why Bonnie, photo by Amany
Future Crib, photo by Amany
Incredible fried cauliflower by Fork Fantasies, photo by Amany
Neighbors of House Johnson watching over the fence, photo by Amany
House Johnson #5's audience, photo by Amany

2. Sleeping Jesus at High Noon

Camila interviewing Sleeping Jesus, photo by Amany
Amany and Camila with the band, photo by a kind stranger

3. The long wait for PinkPantheress

Camila playing Clash of Clans, photo by Amany
DJ in between sets ahead of PinkPantheress, photo by Amany
PinkPantheress, photo by Amany

4. Mandy, Indiana

Mandy, Indiana performing at 1 a.m. at the British Music Embassy showcase, photos by Amany
Post-interview & photoshoot with Mandy, Indiana near Torchy's, photo by Tash Cutts

5. Mui Zyu at End Of An Ear

Mui Zyu performing at End Of An Ear, photo by Amany

6. Early dinner with Pirate! Promotions & WVFS Tallahassee

Dinner with Doug & Domenic from Pirate!, photos by Amany

7. Divino Niño at Mohawk

Divino Niño, photos by Amany

8. Tigerbomb Showcase at Velveeta with Shil & Makenzie!

Shil, Makenzie, Amany and Camila, photo by Michael Coby

9. WSUM Legend Justin Barney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current music director Amany with Justin Barney, who was music director of WSUM a decade ago, photo by Camila

10. Indigo De Souza at Central Presbyterian Church

Indigo De Souza, photos by Amany