Community and organizations rally for abortion rights 

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    by News director
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    Sun Apr 02 2023

By: Sarah Kirsch with help from Jordan Mathias

Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski introduces speakers at Rally for Our Rights

Photo by: Sarah Kirsch

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin joined Women Win Wisconsin, Human Rights Campaign Wisconsin and other organizations on April 2 for the Rally for Our Rights in Madison. 

Organized by Women Win Wisconsin, the rally consisted of various speakers, including the Raging Grannies and future OBGYNs. People of all ages were in attendance, ranging from young children to grandparents.

Secretary of State and Women Win Wisconsin founder Sarah Godlewski coordinated the event. As she introduced the speakers, Godlewski highlighted that in addition to abortion and healthcare rights, marriage equality and LGBTQ+ rights are also at risk. 

In an interview with Godlewski, she spoke about how the event's purpose was to highlight how the Supreme Court makes decisions that affect peoples' rights, especially reproductive rights. She talked about the future she wants to leave for her children. 

“Knowing that I have fewer rights than my mother and grandmother is just infuriating. It's not what I want to leave for my children. Attacking the rights of any of us is attacking the rights of all of us,” Godlewski said. 

Godlewski also spoke about who should be making medical decisions. 

“Women and their doctors need to be making those medical decisions, not politicians. I want a world where doctors are the ones that are determining what's best for people and patients are making those decisions, not people that are elected for office. That's just not what they are qualified to do,” Godlewski said. 

Medical students spoke about how the lack of abortion training will only drive students out of the state. One speaker said that only nine students from their class matched into OBGYN. The two future OBGYNs said that abortion training is important to them because they want to give the best care to their patients. They said that abortion access is a legal right and the upcoming election is the one chance to change it. 

The Raging Grannies of Madison and Dane County gave a short speech and performed songs about how they felt about the current state of Wisconsin's government and the healthcare system. 

One member of the Raging Grannies spoke with WSUM News about how she grew up during a time when women couldn't even access contraception. 

“When we marched back in the 1960s, we weren't even thinking about abortion,” the member said. “This is unconscionable that here we are in our 80s, marching again. We're not giving up as long as we can walk and talk.” 

She then spoke about how important awareness about abortion is, especially for young women that haven't had to worry about becoming pregnant until now. She said that they are looking for young women to take over and speak up for their healthcare. 

“The position of women in this country is unforgivable. We're strong, we're articulate, we're well-educated and we have a message,” she said. 

One of Godlewski's main messages was encouraging young people to vote in the April 4 election. A seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is up for election, which will determine how the court votes on issues like abortion.

“At the end of the day, we need them to vote. It's our opportunity to make that change, and they can vote on Tuesday and ensure that we have rights and stop the attacks that continue,” she said.