“Fleabag” as a playlist

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    Sun Jul 02 2023
By Heewone Lim

“Fleabag” was one of those shows that I'd hear about all the time — through recommendations from friends and clips on TikTok. Once the spring semester ended and summer rolled around, I finally got around to watching it. While I have a special affinity for British and Irish media in general, “Fleabag has everything I want in a watch — humor, an honest glimpse into navigating the world as adults, a fast pace, and natural chemistry between characters. Naturally, my immediate instinct after watching was to make a joint “Normal People”/”Fleabag”playlist. 

There will be spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk. 

Fleabag's rebounds after breaking up with Harry: “Post Break-Up Sex” by The Vaccines

Pretty self-explanatory. If you've watched the show, you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Season 1 Claire: “Me and My Husband” by Mitski

Claire is aware that her husband Martin isn't the best person in the world — he's brash, makes inappropriate jokes, and is a little sleazy. But as Fleabag explains in the show, Martin is the only person who makes Claire laugh and has stuck by her side. It's pretty evident throughout the show that Claire suffers from a bit of a self-esteem issue; she considers giving up her dream job in Finland to stay with Martin and his son, defends Martin when she knows that he kissed Fleabag, and hesitates to chase the true love of her life, Finnish Claire. She convinces herself that they're “doing better” even if it's at the expense of her dreams.

Claire and Fleabag: “Sisters” by Saint Motel

While I don't have a sister, Claire and Fleabag seem to have that classic love-annoyance bond that siblings have. Even when Claire and Fleabag weren't on speaking terms, Fleabag was the first person Claire called when her haircut went wrong. 

The Golden Sculpture: “God is a Woman” by Ariana Grande

A symbol of female sexuality and the power struggle between Fleabag and her Godmother. I honestly think a point could be made that Fleabag is the God of the “Fleabag” universe; even the Vicar picks up on her confiding to the audience, and he is the most spiritually attuned person in the show. 

The Bus Stop scene: “Picture Me Better” by Weyes Blood

When you let someone go amicably, there's a split second where not only every memory you made with them replays in your mind, but the future you had imagined with them does too. The imminent future that they are both familiar with will happen — the Vicar continuing to work in the church and Fleabag continuing to find her way through life. Picture me better, picture me whole and happy, doing the things I know best. 

“I love you,” “It'll pass” — There's a sense of melancholy finality between the two of them at that moment. For the sake of their livelihoods, their lives must diverge now. 

The show overall: “A Lot's Gonna Change” by Weyes Blood

Even though most of the characters are in their 30s and above, you can definitely feel the growing pains that they are all going through. It just never ends. You are always developing, always learning from everything you go through, and this doesn't stop with aging. A lot's going to change in your lifetime.