Bryce Vine Concert Review

By Abbey Handel

Bryce Vine’s performance at the Sylvee on Thursday, September 21st, was nothing short of a musical delight. With his catchy tunes and captivating stage presence, he treated the audience to a concert that was simple yet enjoyable. Listening to Bryce Vine’s music reminds me of a summer car ride to the beach. His lyrics are light-hearted and devoid of any heavy, profound messages. Instead, they offer a carefree soundtrack that easily finds its place on a Top 40 playlist.

What truly set the evening apart was Bryce Vine’s engagement with the audience. He made direct eye contact, danced with enthusiasm and led the crowd in a synchronized sway of phone flashlights. The crowd reciprocated Vine’s infectious energy, spending the majority of the concert dancing, jumping, and singing. 

One notable aspect of Bryce Vine’s music is its universal appeal. I was sandwiched between a group of dancing high schoolers, and a cluster of adults, celebrating a 60th birthday with equal enthusiasm. Bryce Vine’s music transcends age boundaries, bringing people of all ages. The audience was packed together shoulder to shoulder. This impressive turnout is a testament to the power of uncomplicated, feel-good music.