Colter Wall @ The Sylvee

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    by Music director
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    Tue Nov 14 2023


PC: Alex Gershman

This past Saturday, October 21st, I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite artists, Colter
Wall, perform at the Sylvee — and he did not disappoint. I've been a big fan of Colter for a
while, and his unique and skillful guitar playing combined with his deep and distinct voice made
for a wonderful show.

Colter is an old-school cowboy from Saskatchewan, Canada, where he still ranches
approximately 10 months out of the year. The other two months he spends touring, performing a
limited number of shows for his rather large fanbase, leading to packed venues nearly every
night. The sold-out Sylvee was no exception.

Colter stepped on stage to a roar of applause, briefly introducing himself – “hey I'm Colter, and
these are my buddies” – before hopping right into the title track from his new album, Little
Songs. His band was very minimally involved, the main accompaniment being a harmonica, and
Colter passed on playing quite a few of his hits, opting instead for some lesser known songs
and a few of his favorite covers. However, he did still get around to ‘Sleeping on the Blacktop'
and ‘Cowpoke', the clear crowd favorites, cracking a joke about how “these ones pay the bills”
and thanking fans for their support.

Colter stands out in the country music scene because of his old-school style of music and his
refusal to compromise on the art he makes. It was apparent during the show that he truly enjoys
the songs he performs, and that made the audience experience even greater. By staying true to
himself, Colter has cultivated a loyal and supportive following, and that was certainly reflected
on Saturday night at the Sylvee.