Monthly Archives: November 2023

The ballads of Lucy Gray Baird

Photo Credit: Murray Close/Lionsgate Written by Ray Kirsch This piece contains spoilers from “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.” The piece is based on the movie, lessRead More >

Syd Says: November 2023

This November, I asked WSUM members to be a little honest. There’s always one crazy story from a family gathering that sticks with you. Remember when you were nine years … Read More >

Revisiting Fanfik (the movie)

Image credit: Netflix By Ray Kirsch The blonde, brooding, “I can fix him” man epidemic (re: Draco Malfoy, Tom Blyth, need I go on?) does not stop in the United … Read More >

Trouble in Paradise

Photo and story by Jeb Blossom “The Cape Cod of the Midwest,” an understating moniker given to the place I call home: Door County, Wisconsin. To those who visit it … Read More >

Wind: The People’s Champion

Story and photo by Jeb Blossom Why is this place so damn windy? A question asked by many upon being introduced to Madison. The only “windy city” in the nation … Read More >