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ALBUM REVIEW: “Coyote” by Dylan LeBlanc

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    by Music director
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    Sun Feb 18 2024


Among the many notable releases of 2023, Dylan LeBlanc's Coyote is one that seemed to get lost in the shuffle. Nevertheless, this album about a man living on the edge of the US-Mexico border is a stunning yet soothing concept that grasps themes of isolation, depression, addiction, and perseverance. There is a narrow line to maneuver when creating a concept album, one that requires songs to make sense in the grand scheme but still have standalone value when played independently, and LeBlanc does a masterful job at this. 

The album opens with the title track, “Coyote”which introduces a bare guitar riff and a walking drum beat, chugging along to introduce us to the character and his new life. LeBlanc's voice then shines through on the track, reminding the listener of an early Niel Young, who throughout the album feels like a major inspiration to LeBlanc's artistry. The band does an excellent job on pushing the sound to be a fuller embodiment of the story, while the track evolves to introduce strings, which become a common theme throughout the album, and one that is seldom overused.

The lyrics continue to hypnotize the listener into a deep relaxing despair, creating the perfect album to listen to whether it be falling asleep in a hammock on the beach or dozing off next to the fireplace on a cold winter's night. Tracks like “Dust or Dark Waters” remind you and make you question all the wrong decisions you've made while you disassociate from reality, while tracks like “Stranger Things”and “No Promises Broken”will reel you back in but not without reminding you of that hypnotic pain heard only minutes ago. 

The album does feel like it begins to drag before picking up to its final few standout tracks, one of which is “The Crowd Goes Wild”, about a tortured singer that is performing for a crowd that can't get enough of him. Clearly a homage to his own performances and performances of others in showbusiness, that are so often plagued with more pain than pleasure. It will be interesting to see how his live performances shake out, as I hope to see him later this winter.

Coyote was an amazing album written from the perspective of a drifter, someone who is teetering on the edge of the US and Mexico, addiction and sobriety, and remorse and spite. The album's masterful incorporation of strings, LeBlanc's intimate vocals which sound uncannily like Niel Young, and the inspired guitar riffs make up one of my favorite albums of 2023.

Favorite Tracks:Coyote, Dark Waters, Dust, Stranger Things, and No Promises Broken