SXSW 2024 – Claire's Artists to Watch 

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    by Music director
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    Mon Mar 11 2024

BY: Claire Borgelt

Every spring, thousands of live music lovers descend upon the city of Austin, TX for performances from some of the year's best up-and-coming musical acts. South by Southwest provides a unique chance for artists of all types to gather in one place. From supergroups to solo acts, outrageous hyperpop performances to traditional folk showcases, local favorites to global talent, WSUM will see it all this weekend. Here are a few of Music Director Claire Borgelt's most anticipated acts! 

Faye Webster

Photo: Michael Tyrone Delaney

Faye Webster's breezy vocal style and laid-back instrumentals are unmistakable, even in the midst of today's booming indie-pop landscape. Her latest album, Underdressed at the Symphony, delivers lovestruck lyricism against subdued, bouncing percussion and warm guitar tracks. A stellar discography and effortlessly charming persona place her aat the top of my list for acts to see this week.

Allegra Kreiger

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan

My first experience with Allegra Kreiger's music was through a live performance. She opened for Katy Kirby on her recent Blue Raspberry tour and played a gorgeous solo set. Her lyrics are eloquent but strikingly honest, at times sharp enough to pierce straight through her sleepy, soft acoustic tracks. They read like a diary entry or a candid confession between friends. Once I saw her live initially, I already knew I had to see her again. I'm glad I'll get that chance this weekend! 


Photo: Pooneh Ghana

On their debut LP, Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here, Friko is determined to bring the house down with every track. Soaring two-part vocal harmonies, expansive melodies and boisterous guitars play off of their earnest piano-driven counterparts. It's cutting, bittersweet, and a strong start for this up-and-coming Chicago group. I can't wait to hear “Crashing Through” and “Chemical” live!


Photo: Monica Murray

…What on earth is “egg punk?!” It's hard to explain, but after hearing from this Nashville-based group I'm sure you'll have a pretty solid appreciation for it. Snõõper's feverish motorik drumbeats, zany synth trademarks and onstage antics place them at the forefront of this enigmatic micro-genre. I'm itching to experience their modern take on punk music in a live setting soon. 


Photo: Sara Pardini

After Push took WSUM's Music Journalism Club by storm last year, this three-piece electronic project has been a staple on our airwaves. Their relentless, loop-fueled tracks expertly embody the early 2000's “indie sleaze” sound I find myself drawn to recently, and I'm sure their live sets this week will be just as magnetic and unique. 


Photo via BroadwayWorld

Ismay's bright, narrative-driven style lends itself well to the landscape they seek to represent. On Desert Pavement they weave stories of a vast, rolling landscape into discussions of missed connections, growing up and finding strength in one's surroundings. Ismay's folk-inspired melodies are brilliantly enhanced by the touch of country twang they're known for. 


Photo: Pooneh Ghana

This Brooklyn-based project devotes their eclectic art-punk energy to critiquing consumerism and the jarring nature of modern interactions. Their next album, Our Brand Could Be Yr Life is set to release in April. It acts as a contemporary re-imagining of a set of songs recorded early in 2015, noting the ways corporate sentiments have seeped into most aspects of today's culture. After watching them open for Spoon in 2022, I've been hoping to catch another set from them ever since. Looks like it's my lucky week!


Photo: Cyrus Duff

Amiture is heavy, hazy and hell-bent on packing every one of their tracks with rich, layered emotions. Their latest LP, Mother Engine introduces dark, thundering guitar from Coco Goupil to the fierce electronic tracks Jack Whitescarver established on the project's debut release. If you're looking for pure intensity in Austin this weekend, Amiture is the act to catch. 

Frida Kill

Photo via Get Better Records

Frida Kill is a four-piece band from New York whose debut album Kill! Kill! offers a cynical, slicing response to the misogyny and brutality they seek to address with their creative efforts. This fierce garage rock group puts avant garde instrumentals in constant conversation with frank, fiery lyricism. They cite influences like Bikini Kill, The Slits, Hole and The Breeders. Needless to say, I'm dying to hear their leveled-up modern day take on the riot grrrl genre!