Mashups That Go So Hard They'll Get You Through Exam Season

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    by Talk
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    Tue Mar 19 2024
Photo credit: imustbedead from Pexels

Written by Liz Martens

As a CD fanatic and collector, I'm a huge fan of listening to albums in their entirety. After realizing that this habit can, in fact, transfer to my Spotify usage (crazy concept, I know), I made a mini breakthrough. I have discovered the joys of mashing two whole albums together within my queue. Ok so, not a crazy concept, but nonetheless! My personal favorite way to mash up the two albums is just by alternating one after the other in the order they appear on the album. Very simple, but it has yet to fail me. Here are my current favorite albums to interweave!

“Guts” by Olivia Rodrigo and “Melodrama” by Lorde

With Olivia bringing in the “teenage girl in the thick of it” experience with her sophomore album, “Guts,” Lorde's own sophomore album “Melodrama” compliments it as a kind of afterparty. If “Guts” is the teenage girl, then “Melodrama” is the 20-something just trying to survive in a world she's no longer brand new to. 

“Take Me Back To Eden” by Sleep Token and “From 2 to 3” by Peach Pit

A British metal band and a Canadian indie group walk into a bar… This is truly a mashup that just kind of spawned into existence. Something about the dissonance between contrasting styles (the jump from hardcore metal screaming to steel guitar and sadness is quite the trip), but such similar themes screams out that these two albums were just meant to be together. 

“Depression Cherry” by Beach House and “Masterpiece” by Big Thief

The melancholy is so strong with this one that you'll probably want to listen to it while under a weighted blanket with some sort of warm, emotional support beverage. Alternatively, you can do what I did and go on a lovely walk on a warm, sunny day to counteract the weight of these two albums.

“The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess” by Chappell Roan and “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We” by Mitski

We are feeling very queer in the club. The club being a legitimate club or the wide open plains of the West, depending on which album is playing. Longing rings out on both of these recent releases, whether it be for another person, purpose, or something so big it remains intangible. Go frolic in a field in your best clubbing outfit to truly get into the vibes these two create together.

 “Preacher's Daughter” by Ethel Cain and “The Record” by Boygenius

Absolutely no one should be surprised by how well these two work together. From an infatuation with love so twisted that it ends in consuming catastrophe to a love so pure that it could outlast every parallel of every universe, both ends of the spectrum are encompassed. “The Record” acts as the antidote to the sickly sweet poison that is “Preacher's Daughter.”